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Learn from Our Customers: Footway's Tips for Working from Home

Learn from Our Customers: Footway’s Tips for Working from Home

Sharing is caring! Here at Contentor, we genuinely believe that knowledge sharing makes the world a better place, especially in this extraordinary time. From now on, we start our new topical blog ‘Learn from our customers’ to share with you our customers’ insights: tips, guidelines, methods or reflections.

Footway team shares its tips on remote work

We start off with introducing our long-time customer, Footway. Fanny Norlin, CMO at Footway, shares some insights on remote work.

For joining hands together digitally, here’s what works. To establish remote work culture Footway uses Google Drive to give everyone access to documents, Hangouts Meet for video calls and Slack for internal communications:

‘Slack makes all work transparent. We have channels for each team and each project. The rule is transparency by default; in other words, all conversions that don’t have a reason to be in private chat are in public, even if they just concern two people,’ says Fanny.

Do online meetings become an essential part of your work? Footway team shares their best tips on how to establish your online meeting culture:

  1. Choose a meeting facilitator.
  2. Document live everything in a file that everyone can access and see.
  3. Clearly show when you finished in order to invite other people to speak.
  4. Good to check in and check out to know where everyone is.
  5. At the beginning of a meeting, give participants some time to catch up with one another.
  6. Don’t be afraid of inviting people on the fly: type “@” and then enter a name in Slack or send a link to a Hangout meeting.

It’s also good to keep in mind some simple advice on working from home that Footway applies:

  1. Take breaks from your screen, get up, move around or go and get some fresh air.
  2. Find 15 minutes for an online fika together with your team every day. It helps everyone to feel connected.
  3. Invite people to hang out together via Slack: workout, meditate, arrange fikas or virtual walks, etc.

Stay safe, productive and innovative!