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Our writers at Contentor can produce not just texts that you will like but, more importantly, ones that Google will like as well. The secret? SEO texts. Our writers know how to create high-ranking texts that aren’t repetitive and don’t feel overly optimised. We are well aware that search engine optimisation doesn’t have to compromise the quality of your texts at all. In fact, we claim quite the opposite.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation means making it easy for Google to understand what your website is all about. And yes, we admit it – It is Google that we focus on the most. As Google is the dominant search engine in Europe, it is necessary for you as an e-commerce merchant to have a good relationship with them. This is also why we at Contentor make sure that our writers stay up-to-date when it comes to the latest trends in SEO texts. Google’s search algorithms change continuously but there are still some guidelines to strive for when working on maximal online visibility. That’s why good search engine optimised texts are an integral part of having a presence on the web.

Just as your customers read the textual content posted on your e-commerce platform, Google reads them and builds an understanding of your website through the texts it contains. Do visitors understand what the products on your website are all about? Are these products clearly and correctly described? For example, Google considers texts that are published on more than one website to be original only on the site where they were first published. What this means is that the majority of product texts that come from the suppliers need to be rewritten in order to make them unique and to use them to attract customers to your website.

To Write Texts with SEO in Mind

Make sure that the texts on your website contain your specific keywords and search terms, and place them on the site in a strategic way. Both your own customers and Google must find the texts on your site to be appealing. Remember to use writers who know how to optimise texts for search engines. We at Contentor have writers who know how to create texts that will make Google help your customers to find their way to your website. To write texts with SEO in mind is basically all about understanding how search engines, such as Google, think and combine this understanding with the knowledge on what kind of ingredients a good text is made up of.

Certified Writers

We at Contentor have more than 400 writers, proofreaders and translators in our team. Every single one of them has undergone Contentor’s own certification process. This means that all the writers have basic knowledge and understanding of SEO and they know how to create texts that are appealing both for the visitors of the site as well as the search engines.

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