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The product text should provide answers to the questions, concerns, and possible objections a client may have regarding your e-commerce business. In addition to good product text straightening out any question marks, it should talk to customers in a welcoming, inviting way and help them make a decision. An excellent product text corresponds, in other words, to a very skilled salesperson in real life.


Product Texts

Product texts are often something we take for granted. We often assume that the products we are interested in have a descriptive and informative text that presents all the necessary information a customer needs before making a purchase. When a product text is well-written, we barely notice it and instead just directly add the product to our shopping basket. However, if the product text isn’t that good, we start to doubt whether we should make the purchase or whether the product is the right one for us after all. It could even happen that we turn to a competitor whose price might be a little bit higher but whose product texts are better and offer more detailed information. Such a scenario is obviously one you as an e-commerce merchant want to avoid at all costs.

The language in the product texts should not be left to chance. The category of products you sell is important for what kind of text and which words are most suitable, but that the language be good and consistent throughout is important no matter what you are selling.

The writers working at Contentor know how to describe products both in a truthful and a selling manner. They also know how important it is to find the correct tone of voice and to keep SEO in mind while writing product texts. Furthermore, the writers know their way around keywords and how to keep the focus on the overall customer experience. In other words, our writers know exactly what they’re doing.

Contentor GO!

If a shop does not have any physicals salespersons, the product texts will play an important role. Not only do they provide the customer with relevant information about the products but they also give the customer signals as to what kind of e-commerce business you’re running. Do the customers trust in your e-commerce business? Can they find the product information they’re looking for? Do your texts create the kind of feeling and atmosphere the customer was looking for? There are lots of different factors to take into account. Luckily Contentor has writers who know what they’re doing.

Thanks to Contentor’s new Contentor GO! platform you can easily and conveniently order product texts.

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