Texts tailored specifically to E-commerce

The wondrous world of E-commerce puts a lot of emphasis on texts. Pictures are important for e-commerce businesses for visual representation and appeal, but texts represent the core of the success of your online shop. They describe, present and convey your products in a way that appeals to your customers and prospective clients. In short: texts truly drive deals home.

We’ve been a proud supplier of texts for e-commerce since 2007. By working closely with our clients, we’ve immersed ourselves in the conditions and needs of e-commerce businesses. We know we can give you peace of mind with regard to your texts. Our writers have in-depth knowledge of how to present, describe and convey your products so that you will attract more customers. With our help your sales will increase greatly.


Certified Writers

We’ve all seen and read them. That is, texts that have obviously been written by someone who does not know what they are writing about. Or even worse, texts that completely lack a human touch and are machine-made. At Contentor we have more than 400 writers, proofreaders and translators in our team. Every single one of them has undergone Contentor’s own certification process.

As a Contentor customer, you can expect to work with writers who have been specifically selected for your needs and requirements. Our employees know which writers are best at creating/working on what type of texts and delegate assignments accordingly. All of our writers have their unique experiences and expertise. Simply put, we make sure that writers with industry-specific knowledge are assigned to work on your products and services.

Because texts themselves are so crucial for e-commerce businesses, we feel that you should put a large emphasis on choosing the correct partner for your textual needs. Thanks to the many years of operations and knowledge gathering in the digital text industry, we at Contentor are well acquainted with the challenges you as an e-commerce merchant are currently facing. We know what you value highly and how to effectively and smoothly place an order for new textual content. In other words, we know the true meaning of good service.

Integration Made Easy – Contentor GO!

We know that it has not always been that easy to order texts. That’s why we at Contentor have thought a lot about different ways/tools through which we’d be able to make it easier for you as an e-commerce merchant to order large, or small, amounts of text.

Ordering high-quality translations shouldn’t be too difficult or require any prior knowledge. On the contrary, we believe that anyone should be able to do it. This is exactly the main driving force behind the development of Contentor GO!, a service with which you can quickly and easily translate all your texts directly on your own platform – with the click of a few buttons.

Our promises

We know that it is important for our customers to be able to trust us as a provider of textual content. Trust is particularly important due to the fact that you as our customer not only transfer a large part of the responsibility of customer contact to Contentor but also can sometimes see the creation of new textual content as a larger investment. You can read more about our promises here.


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