Our copywriting and translation agency was born in 2007, exactly when e-commerce was developing massively. All writers at Contentor have in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and SEO copywriting that allows us to create engaging and SEO-friendly content, which attracts more customers and may make your company the thought leader. With our help, your sales will increase greatly.

Tailored Content for Web and E-commerce

Are you looking for a seamless text solution for your e-commerce business? That’s exactly what we at Contentor do, and we do it well. We offer exceptional and economic content for Swedish and international agents within e-commerce.

With a strong, creative and versatile team of more than 400 writers worldwide, we provide anything and everything from product texts for blogs, newsletters and search engine optimised (SEO) texts. We know text. Let us help you prosper online.

Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Texts

In an age of competitive e-commerce: Google is king. Spending a bit of extra money to ensure that your clients reach you – you and not your competitors – is an investment well worth it. A high ranking on Google will increase your traffic and position you as an industry leader and heavyweight.

Our writers at Contentor can produce not just texts that you will like but, more importantly, ones that Google will like as well. The secret? SEO texts. Our writers know how to create high-ranking texts that aren’t repetitive and don’t feel overly optimised. We are well aware that search engine optimisation doesn’t have to compromise the quality of your texts at all. In fact, we claim quite the opposite.

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