When we say that we know texts – it’s no exaggeration. We know texts. Since our humble beginning in 2007, most of our work has consisted of texts with a wide array of purposes, industries and target groups. Even though we specialise in e-commerce, we’re experts in digital trade as well.

Focused on E-commerce

Here at Contentor, we’ve mainly worked with clients operating within the e-commerce industry, and the number of years that e-commerce businesses have been entrusting their work to us is getting bigger and bigger all the time. We are honoured. We’ve learnt a lot about the conditions, needs and secrets of e-commerce by working closely with our clients like this.

Our clients appreciate fast deliveries, top-notch service and the possibility of working with highly flexible solutions tailored to their own very specific needs. Contentor aims to create friction-free everyday operation for you, and when we promise good customer service and reasonable prices, we keep our promise. Contentor always delivers, come rain or shine.

Our Headquarters are situated in Helsingborg, Sweden, but our writers are located in every corner of the globe.

Text Revolutionised

This has been our motto from day one. We at Contentor want to exceed your expectations. We aim to provide our clients with top-notch and qualitative services and we want to change and revolutionise the way in which our clients work, process and order texts and translations. Historically, this has meant that we’ve developed new platforms for translations and certification systems. But we never want our progress to stagnate. In the future, our focus will be on helping our clients automate their workflows when an order of texts and translations is placed. Read more about what kind of integrations we offer under Contentor GO!

In e-commerce, text is crucial, and we want to be the industry leader and innovator – both as a supplier and as a partner.

This is How We Work

The way Contentor operates is simple and transparent. To start collaborating with us, all you need to do is send us a short description of what type(s) of text(s) you want. After this we will go through your needs and wishes together, and check if there is anything that needs additional clarification. You will also gain access to our API, with which you have the opportunity to further integration.

Contentor matches the skills and interests of our writers to your assignment, and when the texts have been translated they are always proofread by a dedicated proofreader before delivery.

Invoices are always sent only after delivery, on a monthly basis. Have a look at our guarantees to learn more about our promises to our customers.

Our founders

Contentor was founded by Dan Nilsson and Karsten Deppert who identified a need for high quality texts tailored to the web. Dan and Karsten are still active owners as board members and in some parts of the day-to-day operations at Contentor. Dan previously ran the e-commerce business roligaprylar.se, is participatory in fyndiq.se and founded the e-commerce news site and community: ehandel.se. Karsten is a serial entrepreneur and runs several businesses, such as mindpark.se and motiomera.se.

In 2016, Contentor received a delightful addition of five minority owners who cooperatively broaden the competence in our ownership. Consequently, we brought home capital in order to increase and spur our development.

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